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Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are like children, they need care, respect, and above all the right place to just go wild!

We Partner with Hagarty Classic Car Insurance & Safeco!

Unlike many other insurance companies agreed value policies are hard to find. This is the only TRUE way to protect your investment into a precious restored classic auto!

About Hagarty:

Hagerty’s Guaranteed Value® coverage

An Agreed Value policy—the same as Hagerty’s Guaranteed Value policy—guarantees that you will receive the full insured amount of the vehicle (with no depreciation, and including all sales taxes), in the event of a covered total loss.

In contrast, a Stated Value policy (sometimes called “stated amount” or “maximum limit of liability”) does not promise to pay the full vehicle value that’s indicated or “stated” on the policy. With regard to a covered total loss, you may receive less than that stated amount, because the insurer has the right to pay either your vehicle’s depreciated actual cash value OR the cost to replace your vehicle—whichever is less. Also, many insurers that offer stated value policies (typically standard insurers) require periodic appraisals to affirm the insured amount, adding cost and inconvenience to the client.

Are there mileage limits on how much I can drive?
A. No, there are no mileage limits with a Hagerty policy. Cars are made to be driven, and Hagerty understands.

How much does a Hagerty policy cost compared to standard insurance?
A. We understand your car is a prized passion and will be driven with great caution, so we adjust the premiums accordingly — 36% lower on average than daily driver insurance. With a daily driver insurance policy, your classic may be rated like a regular-use vehicle, and you’ll be charged as if you were driving the vehicle every day.

If I have a claim, can I repair my car anywhere I want?
A. Yes. In the event of a claim with a Hagerty policy, you get to choose the repair shop you want to fix your vehicle. You can even repair the vehicle yourself should you desire.

What types of vehicles do you insure?
A. We cover all kinds of classic cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, and more modern collectible vehicles. We also protect race cars, tractors, military vehicles, and retired commercial vehicles. Basically, if it isn’t a vehicle you drive for your everyday transport, Hagerty can protect it.

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