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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Car

cost to paint a car

After a couple of years of service, our cars start to show a little age. The clear coat on the cars fades away. The beloved vehicles we have forgotten to polish and pamper due to our rigorous routine lose their sheen. 

We then begin to consider buying something new or have the car refurbished. With the rising prices of a brand new automobile, the latter option seems more feasible.  

The other case can be that you own a vintage or specific car that you are emotionally attached to and want to keep in a pristine, immaculate condition. You will choose to repaint the vehicle to make it look as young and stunning as your sentiments for the thing.  

Now, understand this, the re-spray will cost you money and in some case a lot of money. 

It better to research a bit about the costs according to the type of repaint job you want on your car. And what are the factors that influence these costs? 

Factors influencing the cost to paint a car

Factors influencing the cost to paint a car:

Let us first discuss the factors that affect the cost to paint a car.

There are differences between a DIY paint job and a professional re-spray. 

The cost to paint a car varies with the repaint quality and the amount of work on the vehicle. Various factors will affect the cost to paint your automobile

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Factor Number One

Factor Number One is the size of the vehicle. The amount of raw material and labor required differs with the size of the car. For example, painting a Toyota Corolla is quite a different case than re-spraying Lincoln Towncar. You can consider SUVs, Mercedes G-Wagon, and the Hummer. 

All four vehicles mentioned are of different sizes, and hence any reasonable garage will charge comparatively higher figures for a larger vehicle and a little less for a smaller car. Thus the size of the automobile can add to the cost to paint a car.

Since we are talking about the work according to the vehicle’s size, we should also consider the amount of bodywork required that adds to the cost to paint the car. The bodywork is the second most factor influencing the re-spray cost and can be the cause of delays.

Factor Number Two:

If the car you want to have repainted has rust issues and requires body and panel work, or your vehicle has plenty of dents and dings, it will cost you time and money. 

The car, in such cases, needs panel and patchwork and needs to be primed and prepped before the final painting begins. The denting work requires finesse for the outcome to be presentable.

Factor Number Three:

The third factor is the quality of the work you want for your car. A regular DIY kind of paint job can paint three coats on your car, sand it, and polish it and it over to you.

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Factor Number

On the other hand, a professional painter will include multiple layers and coats of paints and clear coats, sand and re-sand your car, and hand you a car that looks like it has just rolled out of the factory.

Again, the cost is different for both extremes. However, there is an intermediate solution called the standard re-spray. Companies such as Maaco offer satisfactory quality and finish at affordable prices.

Factor Number Four:

And lastly, changing from the original factory color of the car to a color of your liking. You will have to pay quite a difference from a regular re-spray.

The fact of the matter is, changing the car’s color is a hectic job in some cases. For the new color, all the old paint on the vehicle needs removal. Extra work hours are required to take off all the body panels and the interior. 

All this work is to make the car of the same color inside out else; it would look weird when you open the hood or the boot and see the color outside is red and insides are blue. 

Plus, if you live in a humid climate, there is bound to be rust on the insides that needs fixing. Such scenarios take the cost to paint a car way up.

Now come to the main topic of the article. How much it costs to repaint a car?

Average Cost to Paint a Car:

As per an industry average in the US, a single-stage enamel coat costs about $550. It can be upwards of $900 depending upon the quality of paint and the amount of material your car requires.

Average Cost to Paint a Car

A standard quality job with the additional prepping work like rust removal and sorting out the dings and dents hit you around $1,300. The standard re-spray costs more than regular repaint jobs because of using higher quality paint material and a little more attention to detail. 

Mind you, $1,300 is an average. The price for such a standard paint job can go upwards of $3,000. 

For a real high-quality showroom finish, you at least need to have about $5,500 in your pocket. High-quality re-sprays give your vehicle a factory finish showroom look, taking the costs upwards of $8,000.

Additional painting details like bumper to bumper racing stripes, decals, anti-corrosives can add at least cost you around $250 each. 

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Some Final Words:

The suggestion is to do some research before sending your car for a repaint. Handing your beloved vehicle to someone who is a jack of all and master of none will result in losing your money and damaging your automobile. 

Ask your friends, friends, and your local car enthusiast clubs for the right place to have the car repainted.

Ask your auto insurance policy provider if your policy covers such repaint jobs. Also, inquire how you can update the insurance policy after the re-spray process is complete.

The rule of thumb is the more you pay, the better quality you get. Beware of garages that are offering high-quality finishes at the price of cheap DIYs. Consider alternatives like full vinyl wraps and ceramic coating to protect the paint of your car. 

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