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Increase Your Financial Performance

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

How we do it?

Our team has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses protect their assets and foster their future growth. We take a Holistic approach to helping our customers, which is how our Dealer Partner Program was born!

We work hard to provide solutions for our dealerships that increase their bottom line with NO additional expenses. Our Partners get paid for working with us!!


We provide Solutions to ensure your customers have a streamlined purchasing experience.

Capitalize On Revenue

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Big Picture

We work hard to provide solutions for our dealerships that increase their bottom line with NO additional expenses!

Who Is a Good Fit For Our Program

Boat & Yatch Dealers

Boat & Yacht dealers are one of our prime partners, these dealers generally see larger than normal increases in revenue with our program!

We have a sweet spot for pleasure boats, and an especially sweet spot for high performance boats. .. Think Cigarette …. VROOM

RV & Big Rigs

Trucks are hard to insure competitively, which makes our program a necessity. You will be able to offer your clients industry leading insurance coverage access.

Truck dealerships generally see the largest benefit from leveraged consumer data.

We even go one step forward and provide our clients with free leads of trucking companies who may be interested in buying!

Motorcycle & Car Dealers

We LOVE motorcycles, matter of fact, two of your experts are avid motorcyclist!

We know bikes, we can help your finance team increase revenue through value adds and coverages that are industry leading.

Car dealers, have a great competitive advantage when in our program. With same day coverage available you can rest easy knowing you will have a great value add for your clients!

We Partner your finance & sales teams with specialist that understand closing a deal!

We are a team of outstanding professional Insurance Agents and Business Consultants.

We establish rapport with your team, and set them up with the tools needed to increase margin with NO additional cost for your business!

These tools allow your finance and sales teams to work directly with our field underwriters to place insurance coverage for your clients.

Depending on your account approval level, every policy sold will be eligible for a referral fee or a commission paid to your dealership!

We help you Leverage customer data.

How valuable would it be if you KNEW your client was searching for a new car, motorcycle or other toy?…

We help you leverage your existing relationships for future sales.

Many consumers call their insurance agent for a quote on a new purchase BEFORE they have started the shopping process.

The Fine Print

Do You Qualify?

Space in our program is extremely limited, while we are growing, we refuse to overcommit to our clients. Unfortunately, this means we will only take on a limited number of partners. This guarantees we can continue to provide world class service to our partners.

Who is most likely going to be accepted:

Dealerships with finance managers
Dealerships with a minimum threshold of unit sales
Dealerships with good customer reviews… our partners need to think like we do when it comes to customer satisfaction.. It matters..
Dealerships that specialize in a specialty niche (i.e. Yacht, Semi Truck, RV’s)

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