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ESI EAP can help.

Employee personal problems, poor health habits and lack of engagement combine to drive this productivity drain. What’s more, these issues take a toll on overall staff morale and retention.

But there is help. ESI EAP is the only EAP providing solutions that address key workforce challenges that every HR executive faces:
• The most effective counseling program in the industry
• Self-help center providing 25,000+ resources
• The only EAP with 18 coaching programs and 300+ pieces of training to improve employee performance
• An exclusive Employee Engagement Program
The results? Significantly higher EAP utilization, satisfaction and overall employee performance!

To learn more about the productivity benefits your organization can see with the right EAP, give us a call at 1(612)438-3377.

More employee Benefits Than any other EAP

EAP Counseling
Mental and behavioral health issues • Alcohol and substance abuse • Loss and grief • Family relationship issues • Separation or divorce • Stress management • Many other problems and issues.
Peak Performance Coaching
Certified financial coaching • Balancing life • Resilience • Effective communication • Yoga and meditation • Workplace conflict • Student debt • Home purchase • Retirement • Succeeding as a supervisor.
Work/Life Counseling
Child care • Elder care • Legal problems • Family law • Debt • Financial planning • Education and tuition planning • Tenant/landlord concerns • Personal development training.
Self-Help Resources
Wills and legal templates • Homeownership and mortgages • Cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses and medical issues • Taxes and the IRS • Consumer rights and resources.
Wellness Center
Deep online wellness resources with online individual health risk assessments • Hundreds of articles • Videos • Training materials • Complete nutrition assessment.
Lifestyle Benefits
Discounts to fitness programs • Weight loss • Retirement and college savings planning.
Adoption and Special Needs
Important family and child care programs.
Training and Personal Development
A variety of online training for employees at all levels of the organization: Compliance • Personal development • Customer sales and service • Management training • More

Full suite of services for HR and your managers

HR Consultation
Direct access to Certified Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR) and senior clinical counselors for personnel issues.
Administrative Referral Program
The formal process to address employee policy violations and unacceptable job performance.
Trauma Response Service
On-site counselor intervention for traumatic events.
Background Search Benefits
Identify inappropriate potential employees before they are hired.
ESI Management Academy
The complete curriculum of online compliance and management training.
Drug-Free Workplace and DOT Compliance Programs
A comprehensive program for “safety-sensitive” employees in the transportation and pipeline industries.
Supervisor Resource Center
Key HR topics, such as recruiting, hiring, interviewing and employee engagement. Forms, policies, articles and tools for management best practices.

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