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Landlord Insurance Services in USA

Owning rental properties is a great way to earn passive income. However, it is also a good way to lose money and be liable for damages to property, injury to renters, and loss of income if you do not have the right insurance.

What is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord insurance is an insurance policy that specifically protects landlords from loss of income due to damage of property and lawsuits due to injury to a person.

Having this type of insurance can protect your personal and professional integrity, not just your finances.

Your Landlord Insurance policy does not have to break the bank. Betters Insurance is an independent agency that will help you create a policy that suits your specific needs.

What does Landlord Insurance cover?

Landlord Insurance covers the area that your Home Owner’s Insurance does not when you rent out your residential property.

If there is a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake or wildfire and your physical property is damaged then your policy will cover the damages.

If your property is damaged by tenants or the exterior is vandalized then your policy will cover the damages.

If a tenant or guest is injured on the rented property due to mechanical failure of equipment then, the landlord is liable for the medical expenses that may be incurred. This insurance policy will cover these expenses.

Why should I choose Betters Agency?

Betters Agency is an independent agency. We are able to go through your policies with you and help you select packages that maximize on your benefits while minimizing your expenses.

We can offer you customizable packages such as combined Home Owner’s Insurance with your Landlords Insurance to ensure that you have full coverage.

We can also offer you value-added packages to add to your policy such as maintenance coverage.

Contact us now so we can help you be better prepared.



Need For Landlord Insurance:

Landlord insurance saves you when your home insurance policy becomes void. Bought Home Insurance that does not provide coverage when you have rented out your residential property? That is where Better Insurance’s Landlord Insurance comes to the rescue.

A sudden natural disaster, a small fire, a piece of non-functioning equipment, or an appliance, even something as minute as a “bulb”; can cost you money at your rented property. Let all this hassle covered by Better Insurance landlord insurance.

A landlord home insurance policy protects the homeowners who have rented out their residential property and covers all sorts of maintenance, renovation, and damages to the rented-out property.

A rented property is a very safe, risk-free investment, which in such crucial economic times today calls for; protections from damages, lawsuits, and income deficits caused by a non-paying tenant. A landlord insurance policy will shield you from any such damages for a fraction of the cost of maintenance.

The Coverage:

Better Insurance’s landlord insurance shield provides the following types of coverage to the homeowner for their renter houses, condos, including their buildings rented to different tenants:

A. Property Damage:

Excepts claims on rented properties ensured with Better Insurance on damages to the insured property by a natural disaster, fire, flooding, earthquake, any appliance, or equipment malfunctions, including vandalism on the concerned property. Better Insurance provided a cash claim facility to enable the client to have the repairs done as he wishes.

B. Loss of Rental Income Insurance:

In case if the tenant of the property insured under the landowner’s insurance policy. The landowner receives a settlement for the lost rental income. Better Insurance provides quick processing and quality customer services to ascertain the client’s losses have mitigated to the maximum.

C. Protection Against Any Liability For The Tenant:

Due to a piece of equipment or construction on the rented property, A tenant has suffered an injury, or his health has adverse effects. The Landlord is liable to pay his medical dues and his family support. A landlord can claim all these expenditures and liabilities under the landowner insurance plans.

Better Insurance’s Landlord Insurance and Value-Added Services:

Better Insurance provided other value-added services with the landlords’ insurance programs. Value-added services include packages to club Home insurance with landlords’ insurance, guaranteeing complete protection of your property.

Emergency insurance packages for those sudden, uncalled for repairs and maintenance issues; that your tenant may take to your door at any time. This feature also includes protection against damages by a natural disaster such as a flood.

Better Insurance also provides auxiliary claims to bring the property to a properly maintained and reliable.

Why Purchase Your Landlord Insurance From Us?

Better Insurance is the insurance company to purchase your Landlord Insurance. With the most feasible and affordable quotes and prices in the market compared with the provision of value-added services and best-in-class customer services, Better Agency will provide you peace of mind and stress-free landlord-ship.

Please feel free to contact and communicate your queries to our representatives.