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Nonprofit Insurance Services in USA

Why do Nonprofit Organizations need insurance?

Nonprofit organizations 501(c)(3) are at risk for as many liability issues as a profit-run business, if not more. Therefore, nonprofits need insurance too.

When operating a nonprofit organization, you are focusing solely on making the world a better place, liability and insurance issues should not be a distraction or a cause for you to worry.

Your insurance must be tailored to your Nonprofit Organization’s needs.

  • How big is your board of directors and what liability issues might they face?
  • How many employees are there?
  • How many volunteers are registered with you?
  • What is the level of demand you are facing?
  • Who are the people you are serving?

What kinds of Nonprofits need Insurance?

Short answer of course is ALL of them need coverage, however, just like regular business insurance every nonprofit is unique and should be reviewed with an independent agent for the correct risk strategy to be developed.

We have worked with nonprofits that build houses, to nonprofit bands and everything in-between!

Examples of the coverage options we offer:

General liability insurance covers general issues. Property insurance will cover any property the nonprofit owns and runs on. Insurance for Directors and Officers will cover liability issues the board of directors may face.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance will cover liability issues that any employees of the nonprofit may face. Workers compensation insurance will provide financial security if any employees are harmed while undertaking work for the nonprofit.

Professional liability insurance will cover any business liability that the nonprofit may face. Commercial auto insurance will cover damages caused to vehicles owned by the nonprofit. Unemployment insurance will help ease the pain of unfortunate retrenchments.

Why choose Betters Insurance?

Betters Insurance is an independent insurance agency that works hard at providing the best specialty insurance packages to clients.

We specialize in rapid customer service, urgent claims, specialized insurance packages, and affordable pricing.

Whether you are a cultural organization, a mental health support centre, a community program, an environmental organization, or a fundraising champion Better Insurance can provide you with the Nonprofit Insurance package you need to keep bringing light into the world.

Need for Non-Profit insurance:

Like any other business today, a Non-Profit organization faces almost the same risks. To survive and mitigate risks, the need for Non-Profit insurance arises. 

Non-profit Insurance policy is a specialty insurance product specifically designed to provide coverage to a Non-profit charitable organization that comes under the purview of regulation 501(c)(3) of the US internal revenue code. 

Non-Profit Insurance and Better Insurance

Better Insurance, which specializes in all types of insurance products, has all the specialized products and policies to cater to the need of your Non-profit social service so that your organization can continue your holy mission with a peace of mind and a sense of security.   

Non-profit organizations need to mitigate some unique threats. Better Insurance has engaged itself in providing coverage to your social cause’s particular need with variable plans designed to protect your NGO from damages. 

Comprehensive Coverage and Non-Profit Liability:

With comprehensive non-profit insurance plans which can serve all the risk-bearing needs of a Non-profit entity. Better Insurance has dedicated itself to provide the coverage options which are mentioned as under but are not limited to:

  1. ​Vehicle insurance
  2. Equipment and Machinery insurance
  3. Vandalism insurance
  4. Non-profit liability insurance
  5. ​Professional liability insurance including health care
  6. Property insurance
  7. Non-profit Umbrella insurance

Employee / Volunteer Liability

Better Insurance also has provisions of employee compensation plans to ensure the future of your volunteers and employees. You can also add this optional coverage:

  1. Employee benefit liability
  2. Equipment breakdown
  3. Sexual misconduct coverage

Why Purchase Non-Profit Insurance From Us:

Better Insurance has an extensive portfolio for managing and mitigating the risk of Non-profit-Social Causes. Market competitive and affordable insurance pricing, best-in-class customer services, and urgent claim services are the forte of Better Insurance Company. 

Being a large and very diverse sector, every individual Nonprofit Charitable has its risk exposure. Better Insurance’s non-profit insurance products protect the interest of each charitable organization.

Better Insurance facilitates every type of non-profit organization. We provide insurance facilities to the following (but not limited to) Non-profit organizations:

  1. ​Cultural organizations
  2. Community health clinics& Old age support
  3. Counseling & Mental health centers
  4. Educational societies
  5. Environmental conservation causes
  6. Foundations and fund-raising organizations
  7. ​Historical missions
  8. Shelters for the homeless, elderly, families, battered women, teens, and schools for specially-abled

The purchase and processing of your insurance product are hassle-free. Our Non-profit Insurance agents have obtained rigorous training that enables them to analyze your company and suggest the right product with the most feasible coverage options for your nonprofit company.

Let Better Insurance help you choose the right insurance product for your non-profit’s unique needs. Contact us and get a quote for your non-profit today.