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Umbrella Insurance

Life is as unpredictable as the weather. Your umbrella will cover you come rain or shine and so will your Umbrella Policy.

Why do I need Umbrella Insurance?

Life may throw things at you that you never expected. If a guest is injured in your house because of a burst geyser or uneven paving and your household insurance does not cover their medical costs then who will?

Your Umbrella Policy is there to protect you from these unforeseen circumstances.

What does Umbrella Insurance cover?

Umbrella policies cover legal fees and other expenses that homeowners and automobile policies do not have adequate coverage limits for.

An umbrella is stacked on top of your exiting coverage in order to “raise” your limits, for example if you have $500k in liability limits on your policy and your home policy does not offer higher limits, you could purchase an umbrella to cover you up to $1M. Thus, ensuring you have adequate coverage if something truly horrible happens.

Who does an Umbrella Policy benefit?

Just like your umbrella protects those closest to you from the pain of the storm; your Umbrella policy will protect your family members and partner even if they are not in the house when the accident happens.

You don’t need an umbrella once you are already wet and exposed which is why you should have your Umbrella policy set up before the storm rolls in.

Contact us to find out what kind of coverage an Umbrella policy can offer you.

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