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Understanding Cyber Liability Insurance

Technology companies own valuable intangible assets, such as sensitive data, software and intellectual property, which a general liability policy doesn’t account for.

As the technology industry grows people become more reliance on the fundamentals of automation, ease of access, internet of things… the list could go on for a while! With that in mind business owners need to better understand the differences in their insurance, long are the days when a simple BOP (Business owners protection) will fully protect your business. . Sure, there are many BOPS that offer some levels of Cyber Liability protection… but… do you know what they are and what they cover?

A comprehensive risk assessment and management plan will help you understand what cybercrime liabilities you are exposed to, how to protect yourself from them and how to understand changes in the market that drive various risks.

Simply put “General Liability” is .. in fact “general””… your business needs more than just a general approach, it needs and deserves a comprehensive custom approach that encompasses all risk factors.   

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How to Understand Cyber Liability

How to Understand Cyber Liability Terms

Cyber Liability Terms Decoded For You How to Understand Cyber Liability Terms: The cyber-world is