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Workplace Safety

Keeping Your Employees Safe & Healthy

Why it's important and what you can do about it

Business Owners live in a risky world, but not in the traditional sense of the word. As a business owner you are worrying about more than just paying the bills and keeping the lights on!

Your employees are your friends, family and confidants. They believe in you and choose to work for your organization. This brings a significant amount of mental and emotional stress on you as a business owner, as fellow business owners we understand how hard this is to manage!

As an employer, its not just your responsibility to keep your team safe, it’s your moral and ethical obligation to do so.

BUT…. how…..

There are TWO primary things you need to consider when developing your safe & healthy workplace plan.


1. Safe Working Environment

Caring for your employees physical workspace safety should always be your number one priority. This can be a daunting task, especially if your business is in an already risky industry such as hazardous materials manufacturing.
While creating a stable impactful plan takes time, efforts and resources it should not be dismissed due to the effort contribution required. We highly recommend working with our agency to develop a toolbox of safe working practices, guides, checklist and other helpful resources. Our blog also features articles regularly that can aide you in your plan creation.

2. Physical Health

In today’s world employees are facing difficult challenges inside and outside of the workplace, caring for them inside the workplace is only one portion of the challenge. When you show care and compassion to your employees mental health and home life it ultimately helps them also be more productive. Your plan should be comprised of tools, technologies and processes that help support the mental and emotional well being of your employees, we highly suggest an employee assistance plan such as ESI. Employee Assistance Plans include many different services to support these objectives; things like drug counseling and job coaching are provided free of charge to the employee.

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