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Why ESI Employee Assistance Programs are Essential to a Productive Work Force

Why ESI Employee Assistance Programs are Essential to a Productive Work Force

Businesses with employees must have workers’ compensation insurance. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) go hand-in-hand with work comp insurance and HR management tools. This type of additional product can seem like a hassle to a new business owner or one who is upgrading their workforce or insurance policies. However, with ESI EAP your workforce will improve production drastically.

Everyday life is incredibly unpredictable. Accidents happen, family members get sick, and financial loss occurs daily for many people. As these unpredictable issues happen, they take a toll on the individual employee’s mental health, physical health, and overall productivity. This means an unsupported employee can put a drain on your business’s productivity. It is impossible to eliminate these issues, therefore having appropriate EAP’s for your business is essential to having a productive workforce. ESI delivers the tools, technologies, and processes to help employers overcome these obstacles.

How does our EAP’s Directly Help the Employee?

EAP’s are there to provide support to employees who need it. In the modern world, we are realizing how important and relevant mental health is. EAP’s provide access to counseling services that can be used by your employees to maintain their mental health. A happy and well-functioning employee is an employee that is creative and diligent.

Alcohol and drug addiction are sinister pandemics that take more lives and affect more families than Covid-19 ever could. Addiction affects business efficiency because employees who are addicts take time off work, are untrustworthy, unreliable, and ultimately very ill. EAP’s provide access to addiction management programs, rehabs, addiction-targeted counseling, and continuous support programs that can save your employees’ lives and, in due course, improve business productivity.

Young employees are some of the most productive employees a business will have. They have fewer familial concerns and are career-driven. However, young employees are some of the most at risk in terms of circumstances that cause debilitating mental health issues. They:

  • have huge amounts of student debt,
  • are struggling with suitable housing conditions or home loans, and
  • are dealing with being caregivers to elderly family members or younger siblings and cannot afford professional care.

Your Employee Assistance Program offers services that can help with all of these problems. Implementing suitable Employee Assistance Programs will create a loyal and highly productive workforce. Your ESI Employee Assistance Program can include services such as:

  • financial education,
  • wellness services, and
  • lifestyle savings benefits.

How does ESI’s Employee Assistance Program Directly Help the Employer?

Your ESI EAP is not only there to help your employees directly. It is also there to help you, the business owner, manage your employees in such a way that decreases the amount of stress and additional admin work that you have to do. Examples of ESI Employee Assistance Programs that will help the employer are:

  • HR consultations,
  • Harassment training and resources,
  • Background search services,
  • Compliance training,
  • Mediation services, and
  • Peak performance coaching.

As an employer, you cannot simply stop life’s problems from getting in the way of your employee’s work life. However, you can help them manage these issues in such a way that you benefit in the long term. Employees who have access to good ESI EAP’s are absent from work less, have less work-related accidents, claim less worker’s compensation, and provide higher quality work to their employers. Having ESI EAP is essential to a productive workforce.

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