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How Much Will Insurance Cost for My Small Business?

How Much Will Insurance Cost for My Small Business?

Small Business Insurance

With a pandemic lingering on our heads, the world has now become more uncertain. This uncertainty, or should we say the risk is inevitable. Sooner or later, you or your organization will have to face a particular risk, which can cost you a substantial sum of money and may harm your market reputation. As an intelligent entrepreneur, your small business needs protection. Small Business Insurance plans provide you coverage from uncertainties that may lead your small organization towards bankruptcy.

At a fraction of cost, the coverage of small business insurance policies is an amalgamation of many types of coverage designed to mitigate the risks your firms may face. Sometimes referred to as commercial insurance, small business insurance plans provide sufficient protection to the property and data. It covers the liability that you or the business may face. Such policies also have provision for income support to business owners suffering from losses. 

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Depending on the coverage you choose and the excess options you need, your small business insurance costs may vary. 

Small Business Insurance Coverage and Cost | Betters Insurance

Small Business Insurance Coverage and Cost

The usual protections that come under the banner of small business insurance with their average costs are:

General liability coverage: The basic necessity of any risk mitigation plan is “general liability” insurance. Damages and injuries that your organization has caused have the protection of the general liability insurance plan. The damages may include property impairments of the clients and the stakeholders. For example, you might own a cable t.v operator service, and your employee damages a customer’s expensive entertainment system. You are liable to have the systems repaired or replaced.

General liability coverage takes up a larger chunk of the small business insurance costs. The “general liability coverage” influences the small business insurance costs. It depends upon the level of coverage you have opted for your small business entity and the risk your company faces considering general liability. The market average for General liability coverage in small business insurance plans is around $450 to $500, with most customers opting for at least one million dollars indemnity. 

Business Owner’s Coverage:

The advantage of this coverage in the small business insurance policy is that This option provides protection on business or commercial property and the business income risk with one single cost. The Commercial property rider may include damages to your entity’s office building, equipment, factory, and fixtures covering accidents and fire damage.

On the other hand, the coverage also assists your business in recuperating from losses. 

The average addition in dollars to your small business insurance cost is about $650 to dollar $700. Some small firms that face higher risks opt for higher coverage taking the premium up to $1,500.

Workers Compensation Coverage: 

Worker’s compensation coverage is an obligation, not a choice. This particular coverage protects you (the owner of the organization) and your employees. The purpose of including Workers Compensation Coverage in your small business insurance policy is easy to comprehend. The sole reason is to pay for any occupational injuries or disease that you and your employees might suffer on the job. 

Medical and rehabilitation expenses, income support; have the coverage of Workers Compensation. It is an essential part of your small business insurance plans since any business you conduct does affect the health and might involve perils of accidents, electrocution, and other injuries.

Yes, the worker’s compensation arrangement adds up to the small business insurance cost. Depending upon the industry you serve, your worker compensation coverage costs can range from a mere $ 600 per annum to a whopping $3,000 per annum. This difference in premiums is due to the reason that every industry has its own occupational risk. Employees and workers at a construction company face far more danger than employees at an information technology firm.

Some of the factors that influence the cost of your worker’s compensation plan are:

  1. The accidents and claims history your organization has.
  2. The location or the area where you provided your services or produce your products affects the cost.
  3. The number of employees and workers your organization has hired.
  4. Lastly, the type of business your organization conducts.
Workers Compensation Coverage

Cyber Liability Insurance: 

Yes, your small enterprise needs this too. The fact of the matter is whether you own a small company or you have a large corporation, cyber liability coverage is an essential survival tool.

Cyber liability coverage protects you from damages claimed if any of your customers, stakeholders, or employees suffer from a data breach or hacking. Cyber liability also provides sufficient funds to recover from your property losses and goodwill damages.

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With an average cost of $ 750 per annum, Cyber liability coverage with your small business insurance policy may cost you around $ 500 to $1200 per annum.

Many factors influence the cost of cyber liability coverage. The most important factor is what kind of business you conduct and what information you store in your systems. 

You can reduce costs if you have installed better protection measures and firewalls and keep a check on social media.

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Commercial Auto Insurance:

Let us put this in the simplest way possible. If your company owns commercial and official vehicles, you have to have a commercial auto insurance plan. 

The reason is something you very well understand. Your commercial vehicle, truck, or van can have an accident. Your car can get hit or hit someone. You will suffer financial claims and payout of pocket if the commercial auto coverage plan does not cover you. 

On average, organizations pay about $700 per annum per small vehicle. By a small car, we mean this does not include trucks but includes vans. If you have trucks, the premium may go up to $1,800. The Commercial Auto Coverage costs depend upon the make and model of your vehicle and your usage. 

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Umbrella Coverage: 

Commercial umbrella coverage is the cherry on the top. The umbrella coverage serves as the cover for all your insurance policies. The idea behind this is to allow enhancement in the coverage limits. The cost of the umbrella coverage is dependent upon the nature of your business. With an average of about $1,000 per annum, the umbrella premiums can range from about $600 to $1600. 

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Factors Influencing Small Business Insurance Cost | Betters Insurance

Briefly explained below are the factors under consideration while calculating the Small Business Insurance cost

  1. The small business insurance costs have coherence with the number of employees and workers at your organization. It is not always the more, the merrier. The more employees your organization has, the chances of errors increase. Hence the more employee you have, the costs of general liability and worker’s compensation go up.
  2. The industry you serve also contributes to the insurance costs. If your firm is in high-risk businesses like construction, sanitation, or you have manufacturing units, the insurance costs are higher. With a low-risk business like software development and retail stores, the risk is comparatively low, reducing insurance costs.
  3. The coverage limits your business requires. The higher the requirement, the higher is the cost of insurance. 
  4. The locations you work or operate from, properties your organization wants to be covered, and the revenues your company earns all influence the small business insurance costs.

Please feel free to contact “Betters Insurance” agents to understand in detail the risk at your organization and the insurance coverage you need. 

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